Wondering whether or not your child needs Orthodontic care can be a question that is best answered at the Orthodontist’s office, but when should you take your child? And what should you expect at your child’s first visit to the Orthodontist?

Early Detection is Good

The American Association of Orthodontists recommend an orthodontic evaluation no later than age 7. Orthodontists can detect problems you may not be able notice while some baby teeth are still present. This may allow the Orthodontist to make adjustments that could not be made when the face and jaw have finished growing. Your child’s first visit to the Orthodontist should be sooner than later. An early Orthodontic Evaluation may be the best opportunity your child has for a beautiful smile.

How Orthodontic Care May Benefit Your Child

An Orthodontist may be able to guide jaw growth or adult teeth coming in, allowing for your child to have a straight and healthy smile. Braces can also assist your child in good dental care, helping to reduce risk of cavities by having teeth well spaced for the good oral hygiene. At your child’s first visit to the Orthodontist, your Orthodontist may be able to give specific details about what kind of results they are hoping for and how they may benefit your child.

What You can Expect At an Orthodontic Consult

At your child’s first visit to the Orthodontist, the Orthodontist may take pictures, examine your child’s jaw and mouth, and give recommendations for treatment. Your Orthodontist may also take X rays for a fuller picture of your child’s mouth and jaw. This may be similar to a normal dental exam for your child.

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