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“Dr. Taylor took great care of my teeth. I had a deep overbite that was always causing me to snag my bottom lip and he took his time to make sure it was corrected properly. Thank you, Taylor Orthodontics for making me feel more like family than a patient.”

Malaria C.

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Many smiles are corrected through basic orthodontic treatment and braces alone, but when larger issues pertaining to the jaw or facial structure affect a patient’s ability to chew, speak, or breathe, they may require surgery. Surgical orthodontic treatments are reserved for patients with improper bites or aesthetic facial concerns and are used in conjunction with traditional braces.

Good news for you! Here at , we have an expert eager to curate your healthiest, happiest smile with surgical orthodontic treatments. After determining how best to reposition or augment the structure of your jaw or facial bones to boost function, performance, and aesthetics, our team will get to work.

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