Braces are amazing! Thinking about getting braces for your child in the new year? Braces can not only help to straighten your child’s smile, but they can also help to improve their dental health in multiple ways. Let’s talk about all the great ways a new smile in the new year can impact your child.

Braces and Dental Health

Did you know that braces don’t just help make your child’s smile look straighter? If your child’s teeth are crowded, twisted, or overlap, food debris, and plaque can get trapped in the crevices and it can make it more difficult for them to keep their teeth clean. That’s why, as braces straighten your child’s teeth, they can also improve their dental health and development of good dental care habits!

If you’re thinking about giving your child a new smile in the new year, it’s hard to beat the health benefits of braces! But wait, the benefits don’t end with their health – there’s more!

Braces and Confidence

Another great – and important – benefit of braces is how they can help to boost your child’s confidence! Having confidence in their smile can improve their self esteem, help them feel ready to talk with new friends, and encourage them to persevere towards new long-term goals.

Sometimes the greatest benefits we see our patients experience from getting braces aren’t the cosmetic benefits, it’s the emotional benefits! If you’re considering a new smile in the new year for your child, call a pediatric orthodontist to get started!

Call a Pediatric Orthodontist Today

Many parents and caregivers wonder if they should schedule a consultation with a pediatric orthodontist now or wait until their child is a specific age or has reached certain milestones.

Even if your child isn’t ready for braces yet, a pediatric orthodontist will be happy to give you the information you need so that you’ll know when it is the right time to get your child started with braces and best prepare your child for the experience. And if your child is ready for braces, it’s always best to start early so that they can finish orthodontic treatment and enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile as soon as possible!

Call our Roswell, Artesia or Ruidoso dental offices, to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.