Braces can mean a lot of changes! Can you still eat halloween candy with braces? The short answer is “yes”! Just make sure to choose candy that is safe for your braces. Let’s talk about some braces-safe candy options so you can enjoy the holiday without worry!

Can Candy Be Bad for Your Braces?

You might have heard the rumor that some candy can be tough on your braces. Unfortunately, it’s true.

While it’s important to enjoy candy in moderation even if you don’t have braces (because the sugar in candy can be tough on your teeth, too), it becomes extra important to be mindful of the candy you enjoy when you have braces.

This is because some candy can actually damage your braces by pulling a wire or bracket loose. That’s why it’s important to know which types are braces-safe candy options so you can enjoy the holiday without worry or needing to visit the orthodontist for a repair!

What is Braces-Safe Candy?

In general, braces-safe candy options are candy that is not chewy or sticky and that doesn’t contain nuts or hard crunchy ingredients. Hard candy can be a safe option if you can break it into smaller pieces (like a bar of chocolate) so that you don’t have to bite into it — or if you make sure to only suck on the candy until the very end and never chew it.

If you’re shopping for candy, sugar-free options are also a plus for both your teeth and your braces to help you avoid cavities that can be caused by the sugary residue typical candies tend to leave on your teeth.

Whichever type of candy you choose, make sure to drink lots of water afterwards to rinse your teeth and brush well as soon as you get the chance!

Braces-Safe Alternatives to Candy

The festivities of Halloween don’t have to center around sugary treats like candy! If you want to offer something to trick-or-treaters that is sure to be safe for braces, opting for small games, toys, or stickers can be a fun surprise! Party supply stores often stock these in spooky designs and festive orange and black colors just for the holiday.

If you have more questions about braces-safe candy options, don’t hesitate to call your friendly local orthodontist! They’ll be happy to help you find solutions so that you can enjoy the holiday worry-free and without missing out on the fun!

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