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“At my age, it is nice to know that Dr. Taylor and his team are eager to help me have a beautiful smile as well as all the other age ranges that go through his office. Dr. Taylor is an amazing orthodontist and his staff is wonderful. I appreciate all that they did for my daughter and now what they do for me! Happy, happy, happy.”

Leah B.

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At , we know that excellent braces and orthodontic care is about more than just cosmetics and a straight smile. Improper alignment can cause jaw pain and chewing dysfunction. Overcrowded teeth can be more susceptible to decay and the surrounding gums are more likely to develop periodontal disease.

When it comes to braces and orthodontics, we specialize in:

Early Treatment

Starting as early as age 7, we evaluate a child’s teeth and see whether treatment is likely to be needed. By guiding incoming teeth, we’re able to lessen spacing issues, impacted teeth, and the need for extractions (hopefully, avoiding them altogether!).

Adolescent Treatment

This is the perfect age for orthodontic procedures because the permanent teeth have erupted, but the child’s facial structure is still growing and changing. This makes the jaw more susceptible to modifications and corrections. During these developmental stages, it is much easier for our team to shape and influence the growth of the jaws and teeth. This generally results in a shorter overall treatment time, better results, and less discomfort.

Adult Treatment

It is never too late to receive orthodontic care. Many adults never received orthodontic treatment as children, or their teeth have become misaligned over the years. Our doctor is an orthodontic specialist and we offer many different treatment options for adults, including Invisalign, Damon Smile, and clear braces.

Ormco orthodontic solutions

Mini Twin brackets from Ormco enable our team to design custom-fitted and comfortable braces that are tailored to your needs. This mini version of these highly versatile and affordable braces is approximately 30% smaller than the average type of metal braces, allowing for increased comfort and flexibility.

DAMON system
These self-ligating braces are transforming the way we view metal braces. Damon braces provide a comfortable and slimmed down version of traditional metal braces and require less maintenance. Thanks to a slide mechanism within the arch wire, there is no need for elastic ties, and the pressure is generalized instead of focused on individual teeth.

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Invisalign & Invisalign Teen

Invisalign & Invisalign Teen

Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical Orthodontics

Good news for you! Here at Taylor Orthodontics, we have a dental expert who, together with an oral surgeon, will curate your healthiest, happiest smile. You can look forward to proper function, performance, and aesthetics.

Not only do our patients rave about how great their smiles look when finished, but also about their comfort during treatment and the great care they received at each appointment.

You deserve a mouth that works for you, not against you. Call to schedule a braces and orthodontic evaluation for you or your child at .

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