Hobbies like sports and music are very important to a child’s well-being and development, so if you’re considering getting braces for your child, it’s normal to wonder if braces may affect your child’s ability to perform or enjoy their hobbies to the same level as they might without braces. How will braces affect your child’s hobbies?

The Benefits of a Straighter Smile

The benefits of braces far more often than not greatly outweigh the potential short term discomfort and inconvenience braces can cause. The benefits of getting braces doesn’t only include straighter teeth, it can have wide-ranging and long-lasting effects on your child’s nourishment, oral hygiene, self-esteem, and social confidence.

Correcting problems with a child’s dental bite alignment and overcrowding or misalignment of their teeth can make it easier to eat all the foods that they enjoy, make it simpler to keep their teeth clean and healthy, and can boost their belief in themselves and ability to approach others with a smile. But will braces affect your child’s hobbies? It may actually benefit their ability to perform at some hobbies in the future, such as singing or playing an instrument.

Braces vs. Hobbies

If you’re wondering if you have to choose between a straight smile and the hobbies your child enjoys, the good news is that you can likely have both. Braces are designed to fit as seamlessly as possible into a patient’s lifestyle because orthodontists don’t want your child to have to sacrifice the things you enjoy doing just for an improved smile!

It’s important to communicate any concerns you have to your orthodontist, but typically it’s possible for most children to continue doing all the things that they love to do. There may be some helpful things your orthodontist can suggest to help with the initial discomfort of braces or to speed up getting used to the feel of having an orthodontic appliance. There may also be some extra safety precautions such as a mouthguard or face guard recommended for contact sports to protect your child’s teeth and lips from trauma.

Talk to Your Child’s Orthodontist

If you have further questions or concerns about the ways that braces affect your child’s hobbies, it’s a good idea to make an appointment to discuss these things and find out your options. Braces can impact your child’s life in many positive ways, so don’t let hesitancy hold you back from what could actually be a positive experience for your child.

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