Knowing when to take your child to the orthodontist can feel confusing. Many factors can play a role in deciding when your child is ready for orthodontic . Here’s how to know when to take your child to the orthodontist for their first visit.

Signs Your Child Should See an Orthodontist
Many people assume that orthodontic treatment begins once all of a child’s permanent teeth have come in, but orthodontists usually recommend that your child’s first orthodontic visit happen sooner, typically around the age of 7. If your child has reached the age when their adult teeth are beginning to erupt, it’s a good idea for them to visit an orthodontist for an exam to help prevent more complicated issues from developing before they have a chance to start.

There are some signs that may mean your child should see an orthodontist even sooner. If your child begins to lose their baby teeth early, or if they suffer the premature loss of a tooth due to a trauma or injury, it’s best to schedule an appointment with a pediatric orthodontist as soon as possible. This will help to ensure that early primary tooth loss doesn’t interfere with their adult teeth coming in properly.

Knowing when to take your child to the orthodontist can make a big difference in their future dental health because it can give their orthodontist the chance to take preventative action, such as interceptive orthodontics, when needed.

What Are Interceptive Orthodontics?
If your child’s teeth show signs of complications developing with their permanent teeth, their orthodontist may recommend interceptive orthodontics. Space maintainers are a common type of interceptive orthodontics. As their name suggests, they are simply used to hold space in the place of a lost baby tooth to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting out of alignment so that the adult tooth has the right amount of space to come in properly when it’s time.

The Best for Your Child
As a parent, you want to guide your child into their full potential to ensure their greatest health and success in life, but knowing how to provide that is not always straightforward. Knowing when to take your child to the orthodontist can be complicated, so we’re here to help. Call anytime with any questions you may have about when your child should visit an orthodontist for the first time.

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