Not a dentist, an Orthodontist is a specialist, and maybe you’ve been told you should see one. So what do Orthodontists do? And why would someone see an Orthodontist?

They Are a Specialist

Orthodontists do go to dental school, then follow up with roughly 3 more years of specialized learning to become an Orthodontist. A specialist in facial irregularities, Orthodontists mainly deal with teeth that are crooked, jaw misalignment, and fixing bad bites. Their extra time in school may give them an extra edge as far as experience and understanding of how best to make your smile its most beautiful yet!

Orthodontists Have a Variety of Options For Your Needs

Orthodontists have learned about the many tools and technologies that they can use to straighten your teeth. From the more modern invisalign, to the more tried and true metal bracket braces, orthodontists do have the experience and knowledge to help plan treatment that would best suit each patient’s needs, informed by imaging and in person exams that can help an Orthodontist plan with you, the best way to a beautiful smile.

When Should You Go to an Orthodontist?

The earlier the better. Seeing an Orthodontist while a child’s baby teeth are still intact (around the age of 7 or 8) gives an orthodontist an opportunity to be preventative, and work with a child’s growth, and even help you see what they may grow like as they lose their baby teeth. Early intervention from an Orthodontist is helpful in finding exactly what your child needs for a beautiful healthy smile.

For adults, seeing an Orthodontist is becoming more and more common as well. If you feel you have alignment issues, seeing an Orthodontist can be an opportunity to be a brighter, more beautiful you!

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