If you’re on the fence about getting braces, there are many reasons why summer is a great time to take the leap. The break from normal routine can leave much needed flexibility to prioritize new and important things like your family’s dental health and orthodontic treatment goals. Here are 5 reasons why you should get braces in the summer.

1. Time to Rest and Relax

Adjusting braces can be a tough transition in the beginning that can be made even tougher by the pressures of school, band or sports practice and other important commitments. Summer break is the perfect time to hang out and marathon your favorite series or movie without being worried about missing out on anything. Fear of missing out is real and can totally be a valid reason why you should get braces in the summer!

2. Time to Adjust Your Diet

During the first few days and weeks of having braces, they can feel bulky and awkward, so it may be difficult to eat the foods you’re used to. Your mouth will adjust so that they will feel more comfortable with time, but it can make things a lot easier to be able to stay home and eat simple, soft foods during the early adjustment period. If you were to wait until later in the year, it could be disappointing to have to forgo your favorite foods during holidays like halloween or thanksgiving.

3. Time to Change Up Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Brushing and flossing can become a bit more complicated and challenging when you have braces, so it can be helpful to get used to your new dental care routine without having to rush it in the mornings while watching the clock before you have to head to school or at the end of a long evening of trudging through homework assignments.

4. Time for Appointments

Braces require regular adjustments throughout the duration of treatment, so the summer is a great time to get started when you can more easily schedule the appointments without having to skip school or miss after school activities with friends.

5. Time to Schedule a Consultation with an Orthodontist

It’s easy to keep putting off the things we want to do or accomplish with all the day to day bustle of school and work, homework and chores, day after day. Sometimes it can be hard to take the first step and simply schedule a consultation with an orthodontist, but it’s important to take time to prioritize your health and goals, and summer break often gives us a chance to do that. Of course, you can get braces any time of the year, but the reasons why you should get braces in the summer do add up, so if you’re considering braces, now can be the perfect time to call an orthodontist for the initial consultation to get the ball rolling towards your dreams of a straighter and healthier smile.

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