Dental care with braces is an important priority. Brackets and wires can put your teeth at higher risk for cavities and decay due to making it more difficult to reach and clean every area. It also can make it more difficult for your dentist filling cavities with braces. Nothing is impossible though! So how does dental care work with braces?

Prevention is Everything

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventing cavities is really the best way to handle dental care with braces. Cleaning teeth regularly, after each time you eat, and cleaning them well, is a very important way to prevent tooth decay.
Having the proper tools is a must to clean your teeth well around brackets and wires, so ask your Orthodontist about what kind of tools can go above and beyond the average brush and floss you’re used to. Continue to use fluoride products such as toothpaste and mouthwashes that will strengthen enamel as well.

Talk to Your Dentist and Orthodontist

Any dental care with braces will require cooperation and knowledge from your Dentist and Orthodontist. Be open and let both professionals know if you are experiencing any sensitivity in your teeth. This can be a sign of a cavity forming, and having a dental professional aware can increase your chances of catching it early.

Filling Cavities with Braces is Different

Due to the brackets and wires being placed on your teeth, having decay treated by a Dentist may require an Orthodontist to remove a wire, and in a small number of cases, a bracket. Keeping your dental professionals aware of any possible cavities as early as possible can be helpful in preventing any further decay, and may allow for treatment to take place as soon as the Dentist and Orthodontist can fit you in. Dental care with braces doesn’t have to be complex, and being proactive, aware, and communicative with your Orthodontist and Dentist can go a long way towards keeping your smile beautiful.

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