Braces can make some things more difficult, like limiting the foods you can enjoy. But braces can also make things more fun, too. When thinking about how to get festive for the holidays, include your braces in your plans! Let’s talk about the best braces colors for the holidays so you can stay festive all season long.

Traditional Holiday Colors

One of the simplest ways to choose braces colors for the holidays is to stick with tried-and-true traditional holiday colors like blue for Hanukkah and red and green for Christmas. Of course, you can always mix it up from there, but holidays are about tradition so traditional colors are always a great launching pad to get creative.

Match Your Sweaters

“Ugly” Christmas sweater competitions are popular during the holidays as a way to get festive with friends and family. This holiday season, try matching your braces colors with your favorite fun sweaters you plan to wear for a complete look to give you a festive edge over the competition!

Mix it Up

One easy way to mix up your braces colors for the holidays can be to try different shades of the traditional holiday colors. For example, choosing a lime green paired with red can brighten up the traditional look. Or experiment with different shades of blue to celebrate the frosty winter weather. The possibilities are endless!

Finding Your Style

When choosing braces colors, it’s important to remember that your style is your own and it’s good to experiment as you find your favorite color combos. If you’re having trouble settling on a decision for your braces colors, try to think about which clothes are your favorites to wear. Do you enjoy wearing bright or light colors more? Dark or muted? Several colors together or a single color for a classic look? Also, it can be helpful to notice how different colors bring out your features such as your eyes, hair color, freckles or skin tone. Some colors can really highlight your favorite features about yourself, which is always a bonus!

Talk with Your Orthodontist

Next time you visit your orthodontist, ask them about popular braces colors for the holidays. They see lots of patients and will be able to point out the most popular and most unique choices other patients have chosen which can be a great starting place. Don’t let the holiday season go by without celebrating the festivities with your braces!

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