Back-to-school blues got you stressed? So many things to shop for and get done before the big first day of school! Here’s a guide to help you and your child navigate back-to-school with braces so you can both feel confident!

Back-to-School Dental Supplies

As you shop for back-to-school supplies, don’t forget to shop with your braces in mind! Back-to-school with braces is a lot easier when you have everything you need to keep them in top shape.

We recommend getting some extra dental picks to keep in your backpack so you always have a few handy to quickly clean between your braces when you might not have time to do more than a quick smile check. A small travel bottle of mouthwash can also be helpful to rinse away food debris and plaque after lunch and help refresh your breath until you can brush your teeth.

If your braces are new, make sure to also keep some wax from your orthodontist on hand in case your mouth starts to feel sensitive while you’re still getting used to your new braces.

Getting a Routine Down

Going back to school with braces might feel overwhelming at first, but just try your best to stick to your normal braces care routine of brushing after each meal, and flossing daily and you’ll soon find your new rhythm. You might need to set aside a few extra minutes in the morning until you adjust to caring for your braces, but it’ll be so worth it for your amazing new smile!

Scheduling Your Appointments

With the new school year starting, and all the sports and extracurricular activities available, life can get busy quickly! Make sure to plan ahead for your braces appointments so you can stay on schedule with your treatment and get your braces off on time!

Picking Fun Colors!

Back-to-school with braces isn’t all work and no play! You can also choose fun colors that match your school’s colors, celebrate holidays, support a cause you’re passionate about, or just show off your own creative and unique style! Many of our patients actually report that they miss having braces because they had so much fun choosing colors.

Call our Roswell, Artesia or Ruidoso dental offices, to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.