It can be tough to have braces sometimes and the holidays are no exception. Your child will no doubt have to say no to a few favorite foods and candies that just aren’t safe to eat while they have braces. It can be difficult to feel like they are missing out on something they would normally enjoy. Thankfully, the elves in Santa’s workshop have been working extra hard to make Christmas fun this year for braces wearers. Here are 5 stocking stuffer ideas for kids with braces.

1. Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have come a long way and are no longer just motorized brushes. In fact, they are at the top of our list of stocking stuffer ideas for kids with braces for many reasons. Not only can they provide extra cleaning power to your kid’s brushing routine and help clean all those difficult to reach areas that braces create, but many now include built-in timers and the ability to connect with phone apps that give real-time encouragement to build better brushing habits in the form of fun games.

2. Colorful Floss Accessories

Flossing can be one of the most difficult things about practicing good oral hygiene with braces. However, it can help make your child’s flossing routine fun by adding cool and colorful floss accessories to the mix, such as floss dispensers that feature cute and silly characters.

3. Fun Travel Cases

When your child sleeps over at a friend’s house, goes camping, or travels with family or friends, it can help encourage them to keep up their good dental care habits if they have everything organized in one place. Accessory cases are available in almost any theme you can imagine to fit every child’s style and can double as toiletry cases that hold everything your kid needs to take good care of their teeth and braces while away from home.

4. Sugar-free Candy

While your child can’t enjoy some treats they might like to, there are many they can still enjoy while they have braces. While gummies and hard candies are discouraged during orthodontic work, there are sugar-free chocolates and softer candies that won’t break a bracket! Always check with your child’s orthodontist first about which kind is safe for your child to eat with their braces. You’re sure to find a special treat you can ask Santa to add to their stocking!

5. Photo Session Coupon

Your child only has braces for a short time, so it can be fun to capture this special time in their life. Let your child know how proud you are of them and how amazing their smile already is by asking Santa for some coupons for a photo session to celebrate the beautiful person they are.

Santa loves to bring gifts to kids that will brighten their smile both in the moment and for years to come, so talk with him and your child’s dentist about their best stocking stuffer ideas for kids with braces and help make this year your child’s best Christmas ever!

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