Did you know that taking your child to the Orthodontist as young as 7 is recommended? If you’re wondering why, here are 5 reasons to go to the orthodontist now, and how it may impact your child’s dental health.

Prevent Teeth from Shifting

When you choose to go to the orthodontist at a younger age, it allows the Orthodontist to see how your child’s teeth are developing, and coming in. This may allow your Orthodontist to make a plan that may impact how your child’s teeth shift later, preventing unwanted shifts before they start.

Address Immediate Issues with Overcrowding or Crooked Teeth

If there are current issues with overcrowding, crooked teeth, and other orthodontic issues, choosing to go to the Orthodontist now can pay off. Bites that impact your child’s ability to chew and swallow can be addressed immediately, uncomfortable overcrowding and other issues can also be detected and addressed.

May Reduce Likelihood of Tooth Extractions Later

Looking ahead to possible outcomes of your child’s oral development may even reduce the later need for tooth extractions. Like any other issue, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Looking ahead is an investment in planning your child’s smile journey, reducing any issues along the way.

May Prevent Cavities

Tooth gaps and tight fits can cause or exacerbate cavities. Seeing to these issues before they start can be an investment in your child’s self esteem AND their dental health. Preventing cavities saves your child grief, and your money in the long run.

Reduce The Possibility of Teeth Not Growing In Straight

If you go to the orthodontist now, you may be able to reduce the possibility of teeth growing in crooked, addressing any issues before teeth have found their permanent place in the mouth.

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